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Honorary members

by beitrage


Emeritus Professor of Philosophy

Contact : sozerona@boun.edu.tr

Dear Colleagues!
 Translating Heidegger texts from their translations is a detour. While giving lectures at Boğaziçi University, Hegel and Heidegger’s  have to compare the English translations with the German originals  I stayed. I caught many mistakes. European languages in the last thirty years  Errors in translations to each other have gained notoriety (because  translation to non-experts so that publishers can cost cheap  they do). Please show our respect for the German language and for ourselves.  Let’s not lose. Let’s move forward slowly but surely.

 Our basis for translating Heidegger terminology is the sources that emerged after the Turkish Language Revolution (Turkish Dictionary, Compilation and Scan dictionaries, etc.). Ottoman did not develop a language of philosophy, not philosophy in madrasahs.  only logic was taught. Today, Arabic is a language of philosophy and  It has no terminology. When I went to a congress in Tunisia 20 years ago, I learned that Descartes and Kant were still not translated into Arabic.  We are much more advanced than the Arabs in the language of philosophy. Heidegger  not only his texts but also various Turkish dictionaries for those who will translate.  I also recommend reading them as a philosophy book.

​(See Ö. Sözer, “Translating into Turkish in the Context of Heidegger-Translating into Turkish” Heidegger, Ankara: Doğu Batı Yayınları, 2010, 38-59).

Greetings and best regards…



Ahmet İNAM

Emekli Felsefe Profesörü, Yarı Zamanlı Öğretim Görevlisi

Contact : ainam@metu.edu.tr


 How nice of us to think, not to think; understanding, not understanding; We are in the moments when we can realize the unity of searching for a truth that can make us feel the excitement of asking and not being able to ask. The call to reflection from Heidegger is a call to walk towards the endless paths that lead to efforts to unveil the hidden in Turkish. Hoping that our walk will bring us together with many new paths that lead to the unthinkable…

Ahmet INAM