Türkiye Heidegger Topluluğu Founding Members

Founding Members

by beitrage


Bursa Uludag University, Philosophy Department Lecturer


The aim of the Heidegger Society of Turkey is to bring together people who think in the field of philosophy in our country around the works of the German philosopher/thinker Martin Heidegger, and to enable them to contribute to the Turkish philosophy literature. The Heidegger Society of Turkey, a voluntary community that came together with the task of understanding and interpreting the thoughts of a thinker, not with any political or ideological point of view, and to introduce the people of this land with translations made with the right concepts, also aims to bring together academics, students and those who are willing to think. has taken charge of himself.

        This group, which strives to organize various intellectual activities for the direct handling, understanding, interpretation and translation of Heidegger’s works, aims to contribute to the development of the climate of thought in our country. For this reason, the ensemble has chosen to make the correct reading of Heidegger with its activities such as workshops, conferences, panels, congresses, as well as translation activities. I would like to thank the lovers of thought gathered around this goal and invite those who can contribute towards our cause to join our community.

A. Kadir CUÇEN


İnönü University, Philosophy Department Lecturer

Dear Philosophy Friends,

Our aim in establishing the community is to provide the opportunity to present new expansions that will introduce Heidegger’s philosophy to the Turkish philosophy literature, provided that it does not move away from the “philosophical context”, to introduce Heidegger’s thought and to encourage contributions to the Turkish philosophy literature by making Heidegger terminology the focal point in the company of publications, events and workshops. In this sense, this community, which brings together Heidegger researchers, aims to inform the researches that have been done and will be done on Heidegger by enabling the researchers to communicate with each other. Considering that “the act of philosophizing” is “the act of thinking” and the only element of the act of thinking is “the concept”, it is among our aims to find the Turkish equivalent of the terms in Heidegger’s terminology. In this respect, I hope that the researches that will be beneficial for the sake of philosophy in the horizon of “thought” will be realized in a way that befits both the philein and the sophia of the mentioned Philosophia , through this community that we are in, not as the Friends of Heidegger, but as the Friends of Philosophy.

Kind regards.